Our Best in Town Winners!

Winners of Best in Town

Find out a little more about who won this award for each month and why!

January 2024 - TBC

February 2023 - Josh Jones

driver receiving an award

Josh won this award for his excellent customer service. He went out of his way to help a family onto a bus, including someone on a mobility scooter. 

March 2023 - Amy Howells

driver receiving an award

Amy won this award for excellent customer service. Her kindess helped a customer, who hadn't been on a bus for 3 years, to gain the confidence to get on the buses.

April 2023 - Lyndon Eagleston

driver receiving an award

Lyndon won this award for displaying excellent customer service. He picked up an elderly gentleman who wasn't sure of where he needed to go. He helped him to work it out, got him to the right stop, and walked him to the door of his care home to make sure he arrived as safely as possible.

May 2023 - Lupo Mascarenas

driver receiving an award

Lupo won this award for managing to stop an accident. A car was left without it's handbrake on and Lupo stopped the bus, jumped out and put the brake on before it hit the bus and damaged both vehicles.

June 2023 - Joanne Robinson

driver receiving an award

Jo won this award for going above and beyond to pick up workload from a colleague who is off sick long term, working longer hours even though she is employed part time. She has demonstrated flexibility and commitment beyond what could be reasonably expected. A true team player.

July 2023 - Tee Ong

driver receiving an award

Tee won this award for going above and beyond. He helps the control team out as much as he can, often working long days at short notice. He also helps the garage out when they are short staffed. Although he does get payed overtime, his willingness to help definitely deserves to be recognised!

August 2023 - Craig French

driver receiving an award

Craig is part of the engineering team and won this award for going above and beyond, his forward working attitude and general professionalism. He has been commended by managers - "Craig has made a massive impact to our team with his 'nothing is to much trouble' attitude." 

September 2023 - Rob Knight

driver receiving an award

Rob won this award for going above and beyond. Whilst waiting at a stop due to being early, he noticed an elderly lady in distress. He took the time to engage with her and searched to find someone in the vicinity that might know her. He came across someone that recognised her and managed to escort her back home.

October 2023 - Paul Armstrong

driver receiving an award

Paul won this award for going above and beyond his call of duty. He is always eager to help colleagues, regardless of his own workload and has the great ability to multi task whilst under pressure - what an asset to the company!

November 2023 - Raheem Khan

driver receiving an award

Raheem won this award for his continued excellent performance. He greeted every passenger, young and old, with a smile and is consistently being nominated for this award for his hard work and customer service skills.

December 2023 - Laurence Farley

driver receiving an award

Laurence won this award for his excellent customer service and professionalism in a difficult situation. He was faced with some rude passengers on his bus that were making other customers feel uncomfortable and shouting and swearing up and down the bus. He handled the situation well, asking them to exit the bus and did so in a calm manner despite the circumstances.

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