Owen's World awarded our latest Community Fund

1 month ago Tue 23rd Jan 2024

Owen's World awarded our latest Community Fund

Owen’s World was created following the fatal stabbing of Penhill teenager Owen Dunn in December 2022. As a much-loved member of his local community, Owen’s passing has deeply affected many.

Through Owen’s World, his family and friends are devoted to creating a safer community and addressing the challenge young people face today - including the pressing issue of knife crime.

“Owen was a beloved figure in Penhill, and he was cherished by his close-knit friends who considered him family,” said Joanne Gonzalez from Owen’s World.

“He had an incredible knack for bringing smiles to people’s faces and was a dependable, friendly, confident to many. His passing was a tragic reminder of the issues we, as a community, face. Owen’s family and close friends were determined to keep his memory alive by founding this charity here in Swindon.

“Owen’s World’s goals involve raising awareness around knife crime, providing support, and igniting inspiration in others, fostering active participation in building a more promising and secure future for all.

“In order to do this, we rely on donations from local people and businesses - and we turned to Swindon’s Bus Company’s community fund for support. We were delighted to receive £500, which will be put to very good use.”

Owen’s World was created in the wake of a tragic and avoidable event - the nightmare of any parent. The work this charity does across our local community is absolutely vital, and we are pleased to be able to support them in any way we can.

You can visit the Owen's World website for further details on this worthy cause.

Our Community Fund is open to applicants twice a year, during June and December.