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We continually strive to provide you with a high standard of service. We welcome your feedback regarding all aspects of our services
How to catch the bus
Follow our simple guide to catching the bus. Travel made easier for those who may need a little extra help and support!
Lost property
If you have lost any items on our buses, please contact our customer service team...
Best in Town
Has one of our colleagues gone above and beyond for you? Let us know and you could win a week's free travel.
Helping Hand Scheme
Helping Hand is an award-winning scheme empowering the holder to discreetly and directly advise of any assistance they may require
We take very seriously the need to make it easier for those of you with mobility, sight, or hearing difficulties to get around on our buses
It's Everyone's Journey - making transport more inclusive
Using public transport can be more challenging for disabled people, but small changes from other passengers could make a big difference
Wheelchairs and Scooters
Wheelchair users and some class 2 scooters are welcome on board...
Buggies on buses
We welcome buggies on board
We're an age friendly bus operator
Find out how we support our older customers
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