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Temporary Timetable Changes from Sunday 16th January
1 week ago Wed 12th Jan 2022
From Sunday 16th January, there are several changes taking place to our services...
Satisfaction survey
1 month ago Thu 2nd Dec 2021
This survey is now closed.
Face masks compulsory
1 month ago Mon 29th Nov 2021
Face masks now compulsory on board...
Christmas and New Year bus times
2 months ago Thu 28th Oct 2021
Here is how we'll be running over festive period...
Timetable changes from Monday 1st November
3 months ago Fri 22nd Oct 2021
From Monday 1st November, there are a few changes to our services...
It's time to THINK BUS!
3 months ago Fri 22nd Oct 2021
Taking the bus is a responsible choice, find out how much Co2 you can save...
Glimpse into the future as Swindon’s Bus Company brings electric bus to the town
3 months ago Tue 19th Oct 2021
Read more on a potential glimpse into the future of sustainable transport in our region...
Spooky Halloween Fun from Swindon Bus
3 months ago Mon 18th Oct 2021
The witching season is upon us, download our colouring page for creepy creativity this Halloween...
Take the bus to overcome the current fuel issues
3 months ago Wed 29th Sep 2021
Swindon's Bus Company is here for you in the current fuel crisis...
Tickets are getting easier with Tap On Tap Off
4 months ago Mon 6th Sep 2021
Easier ticketing is here! Discover how Tap On, Tap Off can save you money on your journeys with us...