Think Bus for Clean Air Day!

3 weeks ago Wed 8th Jun 2022

clean air day


Taking place on Thursday 16th June, Clean Air Day is the UK's largest air pollution campaign, which aims to improve the air we breathe. 

Air Pollution is not just a growing concern for climate change, but it has a negative impact on our health. Recent years have shown that breathing in high levels of air pollution can cause various respiratory diseases, heart disease and lung cancer. In fact studies have shown that air pollution can damage a child's cognitive abilities, increase an adults risk of cognitive decline and even contribute to depression. This makes it the biggest environmental health risk we are currently facing. 

Just one of our double decker buses could take up to 75 cars off the road, with a single decker bus taking anywhere between 30-40 cars off the road. Research from the University of California showed that "compared to driving alone, taking public transport reduces CO2 emissions by 45%, and decreasing pollutants in the atmosphere and improving air quality". 

That's why it is vital that we all find ways to clean the air we breath, not just for ourselves, but for our planet! That's why we are offering customers to chance to grab 20% their Dayriders for 1 Day only on Thursday 16th June! Just head on over the our swindonbus app and use code CLEANAIR22 to grab discount and do your bit for Clean Air Day.