town centre bus stops are moving

1 year ago Tue 9th Aug 2022

From 4 September, following the announcement that Fleming Way will be shut for two years whilst major restructuring of the area is undertaken, all buses will use different bus stops. There will not be as much space available as in Fleming Way, therefore customers are advised to clearly signal by putting your hand out for the bus that you want to stop.

On the same date many routes will have timetable changes. More details will be available about those towards the end of August.

See our list below and map to help you visualise where these will be.  We have given all town centre stops letters A to T and stops in the main bus station will be numbered 1 to 18.

Route towards stop reference
1/1A/1B Great Western Hospital S, T, B, J, 7 & K
1/1A/1B Ramleaze/Grange Park/Sparcells J, L, P (plus 10 after 1900)
2 Covingham and Nythe 10, K
2 Swindon town centre J, 10
5 Park North S, T, A  (plus 8 after 1900)
5 Orbital Park J, L, N (plus 9 after 1900)
11/12 Wichelstowe/Great Western Hospital K, F (plus 17 after 1900)
11/12 Oakhurst G, J, L, R (plus 3 after 1900)
13/13A/14 Eldene 6, K
13/13A/14 Swindon town centre J, 6
15 Orbital Park 3
16 Blunsdon 3
17/17A Park South K, D (plus 18 after 1900)
17/17A Penhill C, J, L, R  (plus 15 after 1900)
19 Sparcells will be renumbered to 1B (see above)
21 Penhill 17, R
22 Okus R, K, F (plus 18 after 1900)
22 Barnfield G, J, L,Q (plus 8 after 1900)
23 Stratton Park 15, K
23 Swindon town centre J, 15
25 Mannington 15, K, F
25 Swindon town centre H, J, 15
80 Marlborough 8, K
X5 Salisbury 8, K