Period, TravelPass & NetworkPass tickets


How do they work?

TravelPass, TravelPassPlus and NetworkPass period passes can be loaded onto a travelcard or if you just want to use Swindon bus services you can buy period tickets via the Swindon Bus app

If you only use Stagecoach buses you MUST use your card for the first time on one of our buses so that your card is fully activated. All you need to do is tell the driver you need to activate your card but you don' thave to travel.  You will need to place the card on the ticket machine and wait for the driver to confirm your card is now activated. If you don't do this, unfortunately your travelcard won't be accepted by Stagecoach.

If you only use our services, the best and fastest way to buy bus tickets is on the Swindon bus app - and some of these tickets are cheaper, but please note, if you need to use Stagecoach bus services as well you will need to buy your TravelPass on the travelcard.

TravelPass & TravelPassPlus tickets

  • TravelPass passes give unlimited travel on all Swindon Bus and Stagecoach buses within the Swindon urban area (Inner and Outer zones) for periods of 1 Week, 4 Weeks or 13 Weeks.
  • TravelPassPlus passes give unlimited travel on all Swindon Bus and Stagecoach buses within Swindon and to and from Royal Wootton Bassett, Purton, Cricklade, Highworth, South Marston, Wanborough, Liddington, Foxhill, Chiseldon and Draycot Foliat.
Adult                    TravelPass TravelPassPlus
1 week £18.50 £20.50
4 weeks £69.00 £80.00
13 weeks £207.00 £240.00
Young Persons* TravelPass TravelPassPlus
1 week £13.50 £15.50
4 weeks £50.00 £57.00

NetworkPass tickets

Unlimited travel on all Swindon Bus local bus services, including to Hungerford and Marlborough. NetworkPass is not valid on any Stagecoach bus. 

Adult  NetworkPass
1 week £31.00
4 weeks £119.00
13 weeks £275.00

Annual tickets

These are available to corporate clients - if you would like more details please call our customer service team on: 01793 428428

How do I get a travelcard?

It's easy - apply online here.

How do I renew my TravelPass?

On bus: You can load a 1 week or 4 week pass onto your travelcard on any of our buses within the area which the pass is valid - please pay by cash only. A sales receipt showing the value paid will be issued when the pass is loaded.

Online: You can register your card online for topping up your pass. The new pass will normally be available to use within 24 hours by placing your travelcard on the ticket machine's reader on any of our buses.

You can load a second pass onto your travelcard while the first one is still current. The sales receipt will show the value paid and the second pass as 'stored'. This second pass will become active once the first card has expired and you then place the card on the ticket machine's reader.

What happens if I lose my travelcard?

If your travelcard is lost, stolen or damaged it can be 'hotlisted' overnight (Mondays to Saturdays) to prevent it being used by anyone else, so let us know as soon as possible.