World Environment Day

1 year ago Thu 4th Jun 2020

World Environment Day - still a chance to improve air quality still further 

Swindon can come out of lockdown with an opportunity to improve air quality for the long term.

On the eve of World Environment Day - Friday 5 June - here at Swindon's Bus Company we are urging people living and working in-and-around the town to embrace green and efficient public transport over the coming months and years. 

Recent months have been hugely challenging for everyone, and key workers across Swindon have worked tirelessly to save lives and keep us all going.

We have been playing our part by providing transport for essential travel since lockdown began in March, and have recently increased our services - following the Government’s decision to ease restrictions.

One positive result of lockdown, is the effect it has had on our environment. People have been travelling far less by car and, although we have yet to receive official figures, we have seen with our own eyes the reduction in congestion across the town - and this can only have a positive impact on our air quality.

As we approach World Environment Day, we want to help keep this momentum going. The nation is beginning to emerge from this very difficult period, but it will take some time for us to return to any kind of normal. In the meantime, our team is ready to provide transport to the people of Swindon - albeit with social distancing measures in place. 

Looking more towards the future, we at Swindon’s Bus Company want to build on our past efforts and encourage people to use sustainable transport - but travelling by bus, rather than by car, really does help reduce congestion and pollution. 

The world is a very different place than it was just a few months ago but this is our chance to embrace one of the more positive outcomes of lockdown, and try to create a cleaner and better environment for all.

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