Timetable changes from 30 August

8 months ago Wed 19th Aug 2020

Swindon's Bus Company timetable changes

Our timetables are changing from Sunday 30th August.

As the world starts to return back to normal, so are we and we're really looking forward to welcoming you back on board to visit your favourite spaces and work places.

Please note there will be a number of additional school buses which will run on top of our regular network. Due to social distancing, we would ask students to use the dedicated school buses as much as possible to maximise space on our normal network buses. If you are a student or a parent, please read this article before travelling for the latest information.

Please remember to adhere to government advice when travelling. Don’t forget your face covering which is compulsory, unless you are exempt. To keep our drivers safe, please consider paying by contactless or our mobile app instead of cash.

Here are the revised timetables:

Route 1 & 1A  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable. There will be an additional scholars bus numbered 111 to take pupils to New College

Route 2  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 5  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 11/12  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 13/14  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 15  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 16 - Returned to Pre-Covid timetable, but the 1509 service from St Andrews Ridge will now start from Abbey Meads at 1513 (Monday to Saturday)

Route 17 - Returned to Pre-Covid timetable, but there will be a revised Saturday timetable. There will also be an extra early morning journey on Sundays at 0610 from Penhill to the Town Centre.

Route 19  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable, but the 19B will become a dedicated scholars journey numbered 119

Route 21/23/24/25  Returned to Pre-Covid timetable

Route 22 There will be a new dedicated scholar bus numbered 122 to take pupils to Commonweal School

Route 33  Returned to just operating on Saturdays

Route 40 - This service will revert back to the previous Monday - Friday timetable

Route 42 - This service will revert back to the previous Monday - Friday timetable. Additionally the 0745 bus from Hilmarton will no longer run, but instead becoming school bus 642. The bus at 1500 from Calne will be retimed to run later. Buses will no longer divert through Cherhill Village but use the stop at The Black Horse instead.

Route 43  This service will revert back to the previous Monday - Friday timetable

We're here to help, if you have any queries please contact us.